• Ball valves for gas

    Application in gas, propane-butane, biogas, petrochemical installations and other from Liquids Group 1 acc. to Directive 97/23/WE

  • Industrial fittings

    Butterfly valves, Flanged filters, Check valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Expansion joints, Ball valves

  • Ball valves for water

    Applicatopn in water, heating, steam, glycol installations and other from Liquids Group 2 acc. to Directive 97/23/EN

  • Installation fittings

    Brass ball valves for water and gas, threaded bibcocks, check valves and filters.


About us

The EFAR s.j. company was founded in 1991 as the sole distributor of Polish manufacturers of industrial ball valves. The leading products of EFAR offer are ball valves for gas, water, heating, steam installations and the petroleum and mining industry. Our production is made in EFAWA factory in Poznan, POLAND.

To ensure the high quality of EFAR/EFAWA products, production and engineering is based on quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and European Pressure Equipment Directive No. 97/23/EC.

In order to provide a successful export sales EFAR s.j. company made certification of its products in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazahstan  and Sweden.

In the 1991 in order to diversificate its offer EFAR company started to import brass installation fittings fom Italy, Spain and later from China. Currently our main foreign supplier is company GENEBRE SA from Barcelona, SPAIN. EFAR s.j. has an exclusivity for distribution of GENEBRE products in Poland.

EFAR s.j. is twelve-time winner of “Fair Play Company” national program.



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